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Category 1

If the user purchases a ticket with half and hour duration, for example the user purchased a ticket at 10:00 am for 30 minutes, he will receive a confirmation message with 30 minutes duration (from 10:00 am to 10:30 am). Then after 10 minutes from purchasing the first ticket (10:10 am), he again purchase another ticket for the same vehicle, they system will take into consideration the first ticket and will issued him a parking ticket starting from the end time of the previous valid ticket (in this case from 10:30 am to 11:00 am not from 10:10 am to 10:40 am).
Auto Cancellation: After lunching this service we faced a problem that some users reserve a ticket and they got a violation because sometimes the wireless connectivity goes down and PDA was not able to check the existence of the SMS ticket. So we came with an idea to solve this problem whenever it happens. We suggested the following solution: when the inspectors synchronize the data (violations) from the PDA to the backend database the backend system will check again for all violations if a specific vehicle has already a valid ticket within violation time. If it found a violation for a valid ticket then the system will automatically cancel the violation and send an apology message and to inform the user that the violation has been cancelled.
Bio Language System: If the user sends a message in Arabic s/he will receive the confirmation and reminder messages in Arabic. On the other hand if s/he sends in English s/he will receive the messages in English.
Time message: if the user sends “Time” the system will return a message with the time remaining for valid parking ticket which already purchased from the same mobile.
Help message: if the user sends “help”, the system will send a help message to help the user and inform him / her how to use the service.
Yes using Reminder Message, The user will receive a reminder message before 5 minutes from ticket expiry time.