Quotations Request

Quotations Request

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Muscat Municipality site provides service to provide electronic submission of the quotation of the various units in the municipality for all institutions and companies wishing to apply for it, each in its field of competence and business activities.

For more details on how to take advantage from this service, please follow the below steps:
  1. Click on "details" to learn more about the details of the application.
  2. At the bottom of the form click on the button "Quotation form" for the submission of the application and then press "OK" after reading the terms and conditions
  3. Fill the required information and press "save and send Email "button
  4. In case you encounter a problem or you want to submit an inquiry about the present applications, kindly send an email to webpurch@mm.gov.om
  5. NOTE:Bids shall be put in the bidding box which specified in the delivery location .
  6. Muscat Municipality has the right to reject offers submitted by unregistered companies or companies with expired Company Registration.


Quotation No. :
Quotation No Quotation Subject Details
99772017 SMART LED TV Details
991042017 TREE SAW MACHINE Details
15522017 Supply of Spare Parts Details
15502017 Supply of Paint Materials Details
15492017 PLUMBING TOOLS ( مواد سباكة ) Details
15482017 Supply and Fixing Spare Parts of Tube Slide Details
14322017 Remove, Supply and Instal of Pump and Float Switch Details
14312017 Supply of Beam, M.S. Angle and Reinforced Bars Details
14302017 Supply of Epoxy Adhesive Details
14292017 Cooking Gas Details
14282017 Oxygen and Acetylene Gas Details
14272017 Supply of Probit Polymer Modified Studs Details
14262017 Supply of Claustra Blocks and Interlock Details
14252017 Supply of HPSV Tubular Lamp Details
09932017 نظام تصفية وتنقية المياة Details
02342017 توريد انترلوك وكربستون للمديريه Details
02332017 بناء دورات ميه لمقبرة العامرات العامه Details
02312017 عمل بوابة لمقبرة العامرات العامة Details