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The Contact Center's processes are based on the use of the best practices to ensure high-quality service delivery. The contact centre application will also categorise all the communication with the customers into different subjects and routed to the appropriate personnel to handle the case. It will also trace the various follow-up actions taken. To complete the process, the outcome of the feedback or complain will be communicated through SMS, fax, email, call or other preferred channels to the customer who initiate it. Main communication channels:

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response - 1111) - To communicate via phone call, the customer can call 1111 (hotline).
    1. To enquire about the status of their application.
    2. To listen to the procedure for certain services.
    3. To talk directly to an agent (trained and qualified agents are available to handle the call).

  • The Muscat Municipality Portal – Customers can provide feedback and complains via the Muscat Municipality portal. They can fill in and submit an online form through the system. It will be routed to the Muscat Municipality contact centre which will then forward it to the relevant department which will follow up with the customer. The reply will be sent to the customer in their most preferred channel of communication i.e. phone call, SMS or email.

  • e-mail – Customers can also choose to send email to for their feedback, complains or suggestions.

  • Smartphone application – With the launched of iMuscat, Smartphone users can submit feedback directly from their Apple iPhone Operating System (iOS), Google Android and Black Berry Operating System smartphone. They can also attach photographs and Global Positioning System information with their feedback. The feedback will then be routed to MM contact center where the agent will perform the necessary follow-ups. The applications are available in the different app stores.

  • Fax – Customers can also choose to send fax to 1111 for their feedback, complains or suggestions, or to request for information.
  • SMS – Customer can receive MM response of their feedback or complain via SMS. To see what the customer can get via SMS, please click here for SMS service page.

  • Webchat (coming soon)