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MM Contact Center

Muscat Municipality vision is to have a state of the art Contact Center which will facilitate services offered and to react to customer enquires issues and to provide services to their customers. The contact center has the infrastructure to support and handle all calls from customers, through first line support, second line support, and back office support.

The aim of the Contact Center is to assist the organization and to increase overall productivity in service delivery, by achieving the following objectives:

  1. Improving Customer access and choice while lowering the cost of service.
  2. Providing consistent responses and improved quality of information, for higher customer satisfaction.
  3. Following up all complaints through problem/issues management system.
  4. Allowing early identification of customer service trouble spots and problem issues by analyzing incoming calls.
  5. Providing accurate statistical information and reference for the studies and research necessary to continuously raise the level of service of MM in future initiatives.


To watch the video tutorial, please click this multimedia page link.

Download PDF Version

To download the PDF version, please click this PDF page link.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's Muscat Municipality Contact Center Number?

  2. Is the Muscat Municipality contact center 24/7 working hours ?
    Yes it is.

  3. What are the main services provided at the contact center?
    Through different channels, you can :
    • Enquiry about request transaction.
    • Get the procedures necessary for a service.
    • Know about certain information.
    • Submit a complaint or suggestion for better service.

  4. Is it possible to send my complain/enquiry/request using email?
    Yes it's possible. Kindly send your complain/enquiry to

  5. What are the communication channels of the contact center?
    You can :
  6. What if all lines of the contact center are busy?
    You don't have to wait; you can use the option of recording a voice mail. And it will be reviewed soon by the contact center agents. Or you can use any other communication channel.

  7. I would like to know about the procedure required for a service, how to can I get it?
    Using any communication channels you can get the required procedures. E.g.:
  8. Can I send an attachment of a violation to the contact center and how?
    Yes, you can by:
  9. How to follow up my complain?
    • Simply by using this link (follow up complaint status).
    • Or by calling 1111 and ask an agent.
    • Or using any other contact center communication channels.

  10. Is it a free call?
    Yes it is a free call, providing a high quality service is our aim.

  11. If I would like to know about any new e-service launched at Muscat Municipality, will the contact center people be able to help me ?
    Of course they will be happy to help you and they will send you the user manual too.

  12. How will my call be proceeded?
    Your call will be evaluated at the first line support (agents) and registered with a case ID. It might be sent to the second line support for more evaluation, Or to the third line support for action. If the case is closed, SMS will be sent to you.

  13. Can the contact center agents help me to know my transaction of a certain services?
    Yes they can help you in that by giving them your request transaction No.

Contact Us

Muscat Municipality
P.O.Box :79 P.C :100
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: +968 24753399
Hotline: 1111

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