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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

By Access to this site or any of its related pages, this means that you shall comply to the terms and conditions set forth below. These terms and conditions shall be subject to amendment from time to time and your use implicitly means your agree upon any amendments may be done to the terms of use. Without any exceptions, We will not be responsible regarding any direct or indirect damages as a result of your use to the site including but not limited to any damages or losses incurred by the user as a result of result of reliance on the contents of the portal or the information provided to him.


The official Portal of Muscat Municipality contains links for Governmental Authorities however the Municipality isn`t responsible for the accuracy of the provided information or the information provided into such websites. On the other hand, the Municipality don`t declare any acknowledgments whatever its kind either explicitly or implicitly which ensure the accuracy of the contents of the Portal, correctness or reliability, timeliness, or lack of violating the laws and regulations. Accordingly, the Municipality isn`t responsible for the sites contents which can be accessed through the portal and will not acknowledge complying with any obligation against any damages or losses which may be as result of access to these site. These links are provided only for the purpose of facilitating and the access to these sites is the responsibility of user solely.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the materials provided in the site including any information, images, charts, films, and any informational media is fully protected in accordance with international laws related to the protection of intellectual property rights. The ownership of all rights, property and interests shall be referred to Muscat Municipality and it has the sole right for controlling it. The use of the portal contents with any method, either by its reproduction, publishing, uploading, sending it to a third party, transmission, or distributing in any form, shall require obtaining a written consent from Muscat Municipality. These rights are valid, effective and protected with all media forms and means and other currently technical means or other means which will be developed in the future. Muscat Municipality may have the right to perform any amendments on such rights and related contents without any prior notice.

Amendment of Conditions

We shall have the right to amend such terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The application of such terms and conditions, which have been amended, may be valid and effective once these amendments published on the site, however it won`t be applied retroactively upon the current contracts which have been executed through the website. Your continued use of this site after any changes are made upon means your fully acceptance of the terms and conditions that have been changed.

Linking and Frame

The links of the portal are inserted for facilitating site navigation. These links may be changed, deleted or deactivated from time to time if there is any necessary. Linking to any content of the portal shall require the formal consent from Muscat Municipality and the Municipality shall not be responsible for any links or contents or any activities related to other websites which may be accessed to this portal. It is strictly forbidden to reformulate any of the content of the portal. In case of any violation found, Muscat Municipality may have the right to take the legal procedures against violators. Muscat Municipality reserves the right to impose conditions when allowing any other websites to use any of the links available in its portal and its contents. Also, It reserves the rights of deactivating any link with any other website which may contains inappropriate topics or in violation of the sanctity or has defamatory material or in violation of the treaties and contracts, inappropriate content or contrary to law in addition to any names, materials or information which may be in contrary to written law, Islamic principles, intellectual property laws or privacy.

Rights and Legitimacy

Muscat Municipality shall have the full right, according to its full discretion, in cancelling your right to use the Site or a part hereof at any time without claiming any reasons. The site staff has the full right in blocking you immediately to not be able to use the site during your subscription when it believes, according to their discretion, you have committed illegal action or when you are in a violation of the terms of use related to the site without determining such violation. The visitors of the website shall be fully responsible in taking the required precautions when using the information and services provided by the portal. Also, Telecommunications Regulation laws and the laws of electronic transactions in Oman Sultanate shall be binding on all visitors or make any electronic translations though this portal.

Links for Third Party Websites

This site may contain links and parameters which move you to websites with applications for the protection of personal data and information in which it may differ than our applications provided. In such case, the portal will not be liable for such contents and applications of these sites so we advise you to review the feedback provided by such sites. We also call you to read Privacy Policy
Regarding the Third Party link links and parameters, they are only included for your convenience only and doesn`t represent any approval from our end. you will be responsible for the use of such links and parameters.


We acknowledge that we will take the required steps for securing your personal information provided to us (related to Complaint and Electronic Services System). We use technological and security solutions for protecting the privacy of your personal information.


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