Easy Browsing and Accessibility for the Network Contents:

The official portal of Muscat Municipality does its best for ensuring the easy access to its page contents, applications, texts and other contents by all users. It always seeks for providing the contents permanently through network browsers for giving the browsers the opportunity for easy browsing and access among other websites.

Compatibility with International Standards:

We have taken into account the main aspects for following the rules of Information Network Contents (WCAG) which have been launched by Network Development Association www.w3c.org . We also do our best for enabling the users including the special needs person to access the internet and using it easily.
This feature applies on the content of the Electronic Portal and isn`t necessary to be applied with other related websites.

Browser Compatibility:

The site is compatible with the most common internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and FireFox.

This is for ensuring the usage of language clearly and easy access into the table contents either using the old or modern technology environments of the browsers.

Therefore, there is available accessibility to our Electronic Gate through smart phones such as IPad and IPhone.

Among the features that can be used and followed for easy browsing as follows:

Text Reader:

This website provides text reading feature for those who suffered from week vision or find a difficulty in reading the texts on the display. For activating such feature, click on the link "Listen to this page".

One of the Text Reader Feature is that it allows downloading the contents in MP3 format to your PC through clicking the option "No Sound Found" in the Audio Player. It also allows for users downloading the contents of the Electronic Portal in audio files format and listening to this content later through the personal computers or any other portable music playback device.


The web site provides educational videos which direct the users during their access to the electronic services. The Municipality is preparing for providing educational videos regularly for providing help regarding the most used electronic services via the official channels of the portal in youtube.

Site Navigation:

The content of the electronic content is classified into five sections for access to the required services as follows: About the Municipality, Municipality Services, About Muscat, Municipality and Community Section and Contact Us. Many items have been inserted into similar pages of the sites and into a unique format for increasing the similarity aspect among them while this method gives the user the opportunity the easy access for these items.

Page Content Navigation:

This feature enables the user to move forward to the content and ignoring the main menus at the top of the page. you can do that by clicking "Move to the page content" which is at the left of the top of each page which enable the users of the Display Reader to skip the header and directly move to the main content when access to the page.

Change the color of text:

If you have encountered a problem in reading the content on the PC display, you can change the color of the font by clicking "change colors" icon which is at the upper left of the beginning of each text content, then Select color pickerthe color you need and Click GO

Text Size Change:

If you have encountered a problem in reading the text on the PC display, you can maximize or minimize the font size by clicking on (A+) or (A-) icon at the top left of the page. you can also change the font size through the internet browser as follows:

  • Internet Explorer: by selecting "View" in the Menu, then selecting the suitable font size.
  • Firefox: by selecting "View" in the Menu, then selecting the either maximizing or minimizing the font size. Therefore, you can press Ctrl and `+` for maximizing the font size or Ctrl and `-` for minimizing the font size. Also, you can turn back to the default size by pressing Ctrl and `0`.
  • Chrome:By selecting the main menu, then select "Maximize. After that, you can set the suitable font size. Therefore, you can press Ctrl and `+` for maximizing the font size or Ctrl and `-` for minimizing the font size. Also, you can turn back to the default size by pressing Ctrl and `0`.
  • Opera:For changing the font and graphic size at the same time, press `+` and `-` on the digital keyboard. The page font will change up to 10% each time
  • Safari:Click "View" from the Menu then click "Make Text Bigger" or "Make Text Smaller" to change the font size. you can also use the shortcuts of the keyboard as follows: For changing the font size, you can also press on Apple and `+` for maximizing the font size or Apple and `-` for minimizing the font size.

Therefore, you can change the display brightness of your PC by changing Screen display properties for getting more or less brightness. According to the properties of each personal compute you use, you can change the display brightness as follows:
  • Using Microsoft Windows on a personal computer: Select "Start > Control Panel > View > Adjust the resolution
  • In Apple Macintosh: Select System Preferences> Displays > Resolution

There is a panel into the portal for changing font colors which are used in the site for the purpose of improving the ability for content text reading and avoiding relying on color to distinguish between the text and the existing electronic links alternatively, the available background colors are compatible with font colors in the option panel for making it more clearer while reading.

File Format

For example, the section "Local Laws and Orders" contains files with Adobe Format. and according set forth by the icons. The Electronic Services Section provides links for downloading reading software which allows the visitors to set up these software for free and previewing the downloaded files.

This is to facilitate the matter of reading by users and through any Document Reader. This means that the users has the ability to interact with the portal through input and output tools preferred to them including command inputs.

Using the Keyboard for moving:
you can navigate our site easily by using the keyboard as follows:

  • Using the arrow buttons to move the top or bottom of the page.
  • Using Tab button for navigating among the links.
  • Using Return or Enter to select the link.
  • Using Backspace button to turn back to the previous page
Site Navigation without using the Mouse
The user can browse using the keyboard only and view the templates without using the mouse.
Press on Tab for navigating among the links in the page then hold down the button "Shift" and press on Tab for turning back to the required links. When selecting a link, Press "Enter", for navigating to the required page. Also, you can turn back to the previous page through pressing on "backspace".

Social Sites Channels

Social networks users can share with us some socail sites such Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. We hope to read your comments and your discussions which may help us to improve the services we provide.

Contact US:

We are looking forward to reading your feedback and suggestion through the Tab "Contact Us" so as to enable our visitors with special needs to easily access this portal and you can also contact us on the Toll Free number 1111.


We are pleased to receive any suggestions or comments about this page or about the site, please forward to