e-Participation and Interaction Policy

e-Participation and Interaction Policy

Terms and Conditions for using complaints & social networking websites and electronic services:


Based on Muscat Municipality believe in the importance of community partnership in the sophistication of services provided to the capital Muscat and the community, e-participation has been launched by Muscat Municipality to facilitate community`s access to Muscat Municipality services in a faster way through:
Getting MM News, projects, services and any MM releases.
Inquiries about services procedures.
Feedback and complaints to improve services quality
Suggestions for services improvement.
Contribution in the assessment of Muscat Municipality services by participating in surveys and opinion polls.

e-participation tools & follow-up methods:

Muscat Municipality provides a selection of contact options for customers using 1111 Muscat contact center toll-free number, social network, I-Muscat mobile apps or Muscat municipality web portal. MM facilitates same channels for the customers to follow up their requests. For more details Please refer to Talk To Muscat.

Level of target services:

e-participation can be for all services provided by Muscat Municipality for the citizen including Health services, Technical services, Administration & Finance services, Entertainment & Beautification and others.

Please refer to: http://www.mm.gov.om/Default.aspx services tab for more details of MM services.
Muscat Municipality advices all participants to register critical and high importance comments and complaints by calling Muscat contact center toll-free number 1111 to ensure faster response, Whereas comments with medium / low importance only can be registered through social network.

Policy application strategy:

Muscat Municipality abides to receive and study all incoming e-participation according to specific procedures and undertakes to respond to them carefully and rapidly in accordance with participation nature and comment priorities.

MM reserves the right (not a mandatory obligation) to delete, change or modify any notes which is considered a violation of the site terms and conditions.

MM is not responsible (under any circumstances) for any comments or notes which are published via one of MM communication channels.


You agree to access and use the website for lawful purposes only, and you are fully responsible of the implementation of any and/or all laws, regulations, rules and provisions relating to your use. By accessing the site, you agree to refrain from:

  1. Using the website to commit a criminal offense or to encourage others to conduct or engage in any action which may constitute a criminal offense or imply civil liability.
  2. Entering or publishing any illegal contents include discriminatory or defamatory, harassing, obscene or pornographic material.
  3. Using the website to impersonate other people or parties.
  4. Using the website to upload any material that contains software viruses, "Trojan" or any other computer codes, files or programs that may alter, destroy or impede the website or any hardware or software of a person that enters the website.
  5. Download, upload, email or otherwise transmit any materials that you are not entitled to transmit under any law or contractual relationship.
  6. Change, damage or delete any content on the website.
  7. Disrupt the normal flow of communication in any form.
  8. To allege a relationship with or a representation of any company or association or Authority without being authorized to claim such a relationship or representation.
  9. Post or transmit any unsolicited advertising or promotional materials , or any form of promotion
  10. The publication of any material that infringes or violates the intellectual property rights of others.
  11. Collect or store personal information about others


Some of the website sections are opened for registered users only or allow a user to request for support or services online by entering personal information. You agree that any information you provide in these sections is complete and accurate, and you shall not register, nor attempt to enter the site using other people`s name. You shall not adopt a user name that Muscat Municipality considers inappropriate.

Confidentiality protections:

The concerned directorate shall take all necessary measures and precautions to ensure the confidentiality of user data, electronic services complaints, any documents or information related to user`s data (papers, electronic and audio recordings).

  1. All those who deal with the Muscat Municipality electronic systems via the website and its associated systems, agrees to sign confidential agreement and undertake to implement its provisions.
  2. When visiting certain sections of the website, you may be asked to provide personal information (such as your name, address, and contact numbers) which are necessary to complete your transaction. In case you refused to provide such information, you restrain our ability to serve you; however, we still welcome you to visit our website and benefit from the valuable information it offers.
  3. Any personal information you provide to register for one of Muscat Municipality service, or social networking sites will not be displayed for other, unless you choose to display it.
  4. MM Users have multi-access to the system and in accordance with administrative levels they are allowed only to access the system and deal with user data confidentially to fulfill the role assigned to them.
  5. No one can access users` confidential information except authorized specialists and staff if need be due to their job requirements.
  6. Any complaint expresses user`s opinion and the Directorate have the right to accept or reject the complaint if it is not clear or cannot be studied because the complainant did not reply in the specified period. Functional or malicious complaints are not accepted in this system.
  7. Social networking sites users should not reveal their personal data such as name, phone and e-mail in public, but send a private email to Muscat Municipality account. Muscat Municipality is not responsible for any consequences resulting from non - compliance to this item.
  8. Your personal data will be available only for Muscat Municipality staff whose job requires them to access these data. Such information will not be available for public without your consent. Furthermore, it will not be exchanged, traded, or sold to any third party without your prior consent. Information will be accessed by qualified professionals only.

Other sites:

This privacy policy applies to the Muscat Municipality portal only. If you were directed to another website through www.mm.gov.om, you should read the privacy policy to be aware of the practices which are adopted there.



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