Plants Program

About the Program:

This program allows you to identify the characteristics of all existing plants plantation of the Muscat Municipality, such as colors, diseases affecting,seasons,areas of growth and other characteristics as well as images.

Plant Name-English Plant Name-Arabic Scientific Name Family Name Category Season Details
انتلنترا مغطيات تربة Details
Wild Jasmine,Indian Privet ياسمين زفر Clerodendrum inerme Lamiaceae شجيرات Details
ريحان شجيرات Details
Desert Rose دزرت روز Adenium species Apocynaceae شجيرات Details
bojenvellia جهنمية Bougainvillea Nyctaginaceae شجيرات Details
حنا شجيرات Details
Night Queen ملكة الليل Cestrum diurnum Solanaceae شجيرات Details
Copperleaf,cat's tail اكاليفا Acalypha godseffiana Euphorbiaceae شجيرات Details
Rose ورد عماني Rosa spp Rosaceae شجيرات Details
Atriplex انتربلكس ِAtriplex spp Chenopodiaceae شجيرات Details
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