Plants Program

About the Program:

This program allows you to identify the characteristics of all existing plants plantation of the Muscat Municipality, such as colors, diseases affecting,seasons,areas of growth and other characteristics as well as images.

Plant Name-English Plant Name-Arabic Scientific Name Family Name Category Season Details
انتلنترا مغطيات تربة Details
ياس شجيرات Details
BRNONYA برنونيا Vernonia elaeagnifolia Asteraceae شجيرات Details
Atriplex انتربلكس ِAtriplex spp Chenopodiaceae شجيرات Details
الحبن شجيرات Details
ارنثمم شجيرات Details
سنجونيوم شجيرات Details
Arabian Lilac_Arshad فايتكس Vitex agnus-castus Lamiaceae شجيرات Details
Yellow Trumpet Flower تكوما Tecoma stans البجنونية/ Bignoniaceae شجيرات Details
حنا شجيرات Details
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